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In this category we put everything that our teacher invents always keeping in mind our city and our land of origin, Genoa and Liguria.
This is how "il scoglio" was born, a salty and spicy ingot suitable to give flavor to first or second courses, with a simple grating.
To more and more weld our relationship with Genoa we could not help but realize some fantastic "lanterne" dark, milk or white, ideal for making a beautiful present for those who love Genoa and its symbol par excellence.
We could not make no reference to Govi, a great Genoese character. So we thought so to make beautiful cigars with the Rum filling, inspired by a descent of the episode "O sigâro" taken from "Pignasecca Pignaverde". We could not not dedicate the cigars to our beloved Genoa and so we decided to call them "I Rolli".

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