Federico Colonna

Computer scientist from genoa who has made his knowledge available to the kitchen and pastry.

Graduated in information sciences at the University of Genoa, he applied his computer knowledge in the culinary field creating Friendscook.it, a portal of personal recipes.

Friendscook.it was born thanks to the perseverance and the passion for the kitchen of a simple man of the house who, thanks to the meeting with the masters of the "Chef for Caso Cooking School" and of the "M.Migliaro pastry school", realizes a application for Smartphone and a Website to create your own recipe book and share it with all your friends.

Thus began an adventure that led him to collaborate with Massimo: in love with tradition and family recipes handed down, he reinvents and adapts the concept of 'home cooking' to new techncologies.

federico colonna

His motto is: "With us the Chef is You !!!"

Author of following books:
  • In compagnia di frutta e verdura
  • Il cavernicolo ai giorni nostri

Books that are born to address the many fans who every day populate the kitchen of our homes and who every day accept the challenge inherited from their grandparents or parents, do with a few quality ingredients of good food for themselves and their family.

The meeting with Massimo leads him to develop and deepen all his knowledge in the field of pastry and chocolate.

This is how this splendid portal is born, which contains all the experience of Massimo and all the skills of Federico. Beware !!! Once you open this door you will never come back.

About friendscook.it

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