Lanterna Chocolate


Like Dolcezze di Paganini we could not not dedicate a product to the symbol of Genoa. The Lanterna of Genoa as you have never seen before.

The lighthouse of Genoa from 1128

The Lanterna di Genova, a symbol of the city, is the highest lighthouse in the Mediterranean, second in Europe and has been a tower of signals and armed guards, a stage of tightrope walkers, prison.
It was built in its current form in 1543, after the destruction of the old lighthouse occurred in 1514.
The rock on which it stands is 40 meters high, the tower 77 meters, its summit is therefore 117 meters above sea level. Its rotating optic projects light up to 57 km away. The steps to climb to get to the first terrace (the only one that can be visited) are 172.
This high quality handmade chocolate, tempered and colored on the outside, is an excellent gift idea for those who love Genoa and its symbol:
Dark Chocolate - Gold
Milk - Silver
White - Cocoa
The chocolate lantern can also be bought at the Lanterna museum:
Address: Rampa della Lanterna, 16149 Genova, Italia
Contacts : Tel.  349 2809485

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