“Lanterna” of Genoa


“Lanterna”, a gift to the city and to the city media for the feast of St. John the Baptist and for the 890 years of the Genoese lighthouse.

The "Lanterna" of Genoa as never before seen, depicted in all its charm and in all its many facets thanks to the unmistakable perspective of the drone. On the occasion of the 890th anniversary of the Lanterna, the lighthouse and monument of Genoa since 1128, on June 24th 2018 Drone Genova® presents a preview of the video "Lanterna", a tribute to the city on the day of the celebration of the patron saint Saint John the Baptist.
The video, published on the Facebook page and the YouTube and Vimeo di Drone Genova® channels, is the final product of months of filming and aerial photographs captured exclusively by the eye of the drone for this purpose. "Lanterna" tells all the beauty and majesty of the Genoese lighthouse from perspectives never seen, thanks to the assembly of aerial shots, from the ground, from inside the lighthouse, time-lapse and daytime and nighttime shooting. A minute and a half of breathtaking images and unique shots created by the Genoese photographer Bruno Ravera, here in the double role of director and drone pilot for the operator of Drone Genova® remote piloted aircraft systems.
«The choice of the month, the day and the precise time in which to shoot the various subjects allowed not only to obtain the difficult permissions but above all to have lights, shadows, sky and air desired to get the best of this splendid monument of the city of Genoa - explains Ravera - The 100 seconds of this video are the result of 6 months of hard work and permitting and authorization procedures. The final shooting is born from a careful planning not only from a bureaucratic but also technical and creative point of view, thanks to the experience that the Drone Genova® team has gained in these 5 years of activity, first as a pioneer and today as a leader of the sector».

Drone Genova®
Drone Genova® is one of the first operators in Italy authorized by Enac - National Agency for Civil Aviation for professional use of drones, even in urban areas (the so-called specialized critical operations). For several years he has been providing professional photo, video and photogrammetry production services with aerial shots using drones and land-based troupe integrations. From 2013 he collects aerial images of all Liguria, in an archive that counts thousands of photographs and dozens of hours of video in full HD and 4K; from these materials, over the years were born the publishing projects "Genoa dei Forti" and "Spiagge di Liguria" of the series "Liguria a drone flight" (ed Sagep), which contains some valuable cultural and landscape heritage of our region.Il Drone Genova® team is made up of professionals trained and qualified in competent offices and with twenty years experience in flight, photography, photogrammetry, documentaries, advertising graphics, architecture, websites and marketing. The drones used are equipped for Full HD and 4K shooting, with professional cameras and with a live display system on the ground, to obtain the desired images with short time and cost to measure and the fleet is constantly evolving and expanding.

Bruno Ravera was born in Genoa in 1974. He has always been a pioneer in the application of new technologies, in 1996 he began to dedicate himself professionally to the world of Internet sites, which soon joined digital photography as a creative medium, also in its infancy. Author of various publications and winner of several prizes, he has exhibited his works in numerous exhibitions. In 2013, as a natural evolution of the passion for images, computer science and an aeronautical patent, he experimented with the use of drones to become, in 2014 with Drone Genova®, one of the top 80 pilots recognized in Italy (today over 4000 ) and in 2015 founded the DroneItalia.net network, thanks to which it provides air services throughout Italy. Always in constant personal and professional evolution, since 2016 he has included aerial photogrammetry in the portfolio of services and in 2017 the images obtained from tens or hundreds of photographs, to get to 2018 with an experience, portfolio and archive of videos and aerial photographs without equal.

Thanks to
For permits, authorizations and collaboration for shooting with drones:
ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile)
ENAV (Ente Nazionale per l’Assistenza al Volo)

Municipality of Genoa
Direzione Marittima Capitaneria di Porto Genova
Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Ligure Occidentale
Marina Militare Italiana
Associazione Amici della Lanterna
Fondazione Mario e Giorgio Labò
Mu.MA (Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni)

For video production:
Ground crew & editing: Rubik3 Video Production

Assistente drone: Davide Rivieccio
English texts: Andrea Richardt
Italian texts: Andrea De Caro