Master Massimo Migliaro

He loves the goodness of the patisserie Genovese, after obtaining the diploma of scientific maturity, remains fascinated by the world of pastry making experience at the family business, the pastry Traverso of 1893, purchased by his parents in 1977.

He works as a consultant for some companies in the sector and has won numerous awards in the fields of chocolate, pastry and ice cream.

He has been teaching for more than 15 years and specializes in the field of artisanal confectionery, decorations and chocolate. The master pastry chef, with his creativity, has amazed over the years Genoa and the Genoese both at Pasticceria Traverso and at the Casa del Cioccolato Paganini

maestro massimo migliaro

It loves how good it offers traditional Italian artisanal pastry and its specialty is the processing of chocolate

A volcanic and creative mind, able to transform chocolate into real art, from the now classic ͞Paganini͟ brand to the latest innovations, such as chocolate covered in pure 24 carat gold.

He got good placings in different competitions:

  • 2nd classified at the World Monuments Competition in Paris in 1993
  • 6th at the National ice cream finals in Venice in 1996
  • 1° to Liguria gelateria in 1996-97
  • 2nd at the 1997 Collebaut Trophy Competition

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