Port of Genoa

Il Porto

Genua urbs maritima - Genoa sea's city

Il Porto

It is the largest national maritime port for ground surfaces and bodies of water, the first for shipping lines and container handling, for multi-functionality and professionalism. The port of Genoa, among the main ones in Europe, has an ancient history, at the very origins of the city, because the first nucleus inhabited on the hill of Castello in the VI century BC, was formed by populations disembarked from the sea. Then from the Middle Ages, with the first wooden piers and the bank on the water, the current Sottoripa, Genoa became the queen of the trade and the merchant routes and its port, curiously, remained almost the medieval one, until the last 800. As told by Mario Caselli, curator of the historical archive of the port that has guided us in the last, crucial, 150 years of its history.

MARIO CASELLI Curator historical archive Port Authority of Genoa

The biggest problem was the storms that crashed on the moored ships, because the old port facilities could not defend them from the fury of the waves.

And this transformation of the port also deeply involves the city

Then, at the beginning of the '900, the autonomous Consortium was born, a single body to manage and coordinate the port, first entrusted to a plurality of subjects, civil, military, institutions and individuals. The Consortium, after the work of the parliamentary committees Gadda and Boccardo, was established in 1903. The first president is the general Garibaldi Stefano Canzio, gold medalist of the wars of independence

The first extensions concern the Lanterna basin. It will be called Vittorio Emanuele III and the king himself greeted the laying of the foundation stone in 1905.

Stefano Canzio died in early 1909, struck by pneumonia after night frost on the piers during the extinguishing of a fire.

The tragedy of the Second World War will bring devastating destruction and devastation to Genoa and also to its port, to the violent allied bombing and then to the ferocious German fury after the armistice

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