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Pralines are small pieces of chocolate art, handmade and generally filled. Our chocolate-based pastries are divided into Praline Paganini, PraliZena and mixed Pralines.

With pride we can say that our 'Pralines' represents the best in terms of taste and chocolate. Each Praline is taken care of in the smallest detail in order to offer our customers the best things we can do.

Our Pralines are packed in elegant boxes of 9, 15 and 30 pcs, ideal for a gift or to savor surprising fillings that will enhance your senses. We went in search of excellent raw materials, coming from Liguria, so our Pralines are born ! Simple ingredients of the highest quality, from the Piedmont IGP hazelnuts to the Sciacchetrà of the 5 lands, passing through the Taggiasca olive and the Chinotto di Savona, all ingredients to be recognized in purity in the filling.
All the confectioners who want to display our pralines in their own counter (or showcase) have customized packs.

Our Proposals

PraliZena: zeneixi pearls

Genoa told with chocolates.
For a long time we asked ourselves: "how can we tell the story of Genoa with chocolates?".
This is how the PraliZena were born, we created real works of art thinking of the best of the cuisine in Genoa, plus the materials that most represent the provinces of Liguria, Imperia, Savona and La Spezia

1.Pinoli e Basilico, 2.Noci, 3.Panera, 4.Sciacchetrà, 5.Paganini, 6. Canestrelli, 7.Ciliegia, 8. Crema Zena, 9.CaffeLatte e Focaccia, 10.Chinotto Chinato, 11.Caramello salato, 12.Pandolce, 13. Olive taggiasche, 14.Castagnaccio, 15. Quaresimali

Ready? Keep strong because these goodness will remind you of the best offers the Superb, with that face a little 'so, that expression a bit' so that we have before going to Genoa.


Niccolò Paganini (Genoa, 27 October 1782 - Nizza, 27 May 1840) was a violinist, composer and Italian guitarist, one of the most important exponents of romantic music.

Since we bear the name we could not not dedicate a Praline to the one who was one of the most famous characters to whom Genoa was the birthplace.

We dedicate to Paganini this wonderful sweet-flavored amaretto biscuit. Even if it is famous the saying 'Paganini does not repeat' the Paganini cream will enhance your senses and leave you satisfied only after having eaten another ...

Various pralines

Our art does not end here, we can satisfy all your tastes on request.

Send an email to indicating what you want to compose and create.

We will contact you to realize your dreams in our laboratories.

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