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The company 'Dolcezze di Paganini srls' was born in Genoa to enhance the craftsmanship of chocolate.
The laboratory was born in 1992 and, after a short break, is back to being active on the Genoese market and boasts the collaboration of the chocolate maker Massimo Migliaro, for more than twenty years the master Migliaro is dedicated to the processing of chocolate, with professionalism and absolute handmade care.
The artisan size of the laboratory also allows the customization of products based on the requests and needs of customers.
We offer products of all kinds, from PraliZena to Capricci di Paganini through creams, nougats, rum cigars, salty ingots and much more ...
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We put our laboratory at the service of Genoa and the Genoese.
The history of Genoa told with chocolate; from the PraliZena to the Capricci of Paganini, from the Lanterne to the Caruggi and Rolli, without forgetting the pralines with the name of Paganini
The Lanterna
The symbol of Genoa
Pralizena - Genoa
told with chocolates
24 tastes for 24 Capricci di Paganini
Soft hazelnut praline

Customizations based on customer needs

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