Dozens of beautifully and decorated palaces, rich in history and stories, hide the secrets of five hundred years of history of Genoa and its families.

In 2006, 42 buildings, mostly restored in the 1990s, have been listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

The roles of the palaces or the Rolli of Genoa, were lists made up of the provision of the Senate of the aristocratic Republic refounded by the prince and Admiral Andrea Doria.

Genoa the Superba crossed a golden age, in which it dominated in the Mediterranean but not only, a Maritime Republic in which they lived rich shipowners, bankers and merchants and a city in which ecclesiastics, princes and sovereigns visited, hence the idea to classify on the basis of their prestige the buildings that then according to their importance would have hosted the character visiting the city.

The Rolli of Genoa were in turn divided into "bussoli" in which the palaces were cataloged according to the prestige dictated by the size, beauty and the importance of the building itself.

During the Rolli Days that usually take place twice a year, during the month of April and October, for all, both tourists and Genoese, there can be a unique opportunity to travel in time, returning in some way to relive the splendid days in which Genoa the Superb, dominated far and wide in the Mediterranean in Europe and in the world.

The list of UNESCO Palaces

The area included in the UNESCO inscription also extends to a part of the historic center which, through Via Lomellini, Piazza Fossatello and Via San Luca, reaches Piazza Banchi, the mercantile heart of the historical city: on this stretch are some of the most significant of the Rolli palaces built in the modern age in the medieval fabric.
The buildings of the Rolli still today belong in part to private individuals, while some buildings have become offices of banks or offices.

To get a closer look at the charm of some of these buildings you can take part in one of the guided tours organized by the Municipality.

Click here to see the list of UNESCO Palaces .

Interactive map

On the occasion of the days of the Rolli Days Genova 2018, you can explore the interactive 3D Discovery map of Genoa.

Click here to see the 3D interactive map of the Rolli Days Genoa - October 2018. 

For those who prefer a route accompanied by qualified tourist guides, thematic guided tours are available to select the palaces, in Italian, English and French, for children and families, for a fee.

The visits can be purchased online on, or in person at the IAT offices.

Genoa is normally reachable by highway, plane, railway, sea:  here  is all the useful information.